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Billy Banks, 2008

In 2002 Vale of Glamorgan Council recommended that the Billy Banks underwent a “controlled whole site disposal”.  In May 2007 the council passed an application for the demolition and construction of 377 residential units; of which 20% are to be ‘affordable’.

The estate sits on the remains of a Limestone Quarry overlooking Cardiff bay, which is prime real estate for the area.  The Billy Banks is from the same ilk of architecture as the Ferrier, and has experienced similar social issues. It too has been dubbed as a failed social housing project.

Today the blocks are surrounded by tall metal fencing, with gaps for the remaining four households.  Apart from the final residents whole buildings are derelict; left to crumble and overcome by roaming flora.

A stand-off is in place as the final inhabitants refuse to leave and prevent the Penarth Regeneration Project from going ahead. 


Sources: Penarth Times, Vale of Glamorgan Council